Reasons for gastric acid reflux


Clothes are too tight



Sphincter Relaxation


Drink Liquor

Irregular eating

Work pressure

Irritating food


The reasons of gastroesophageal reflux disease
• physiological factors: including age, obesity, hiatus hernia and low esophageal sphincter relaxations.
• food factors: including high fat food, chocolate, confectionary, mint, coffee, etc.
• medical factors: some medicines for asthma or hypertension may cause low esophageal sphincter relaxations; some medicines may cause damage to gastric mucosa and gastric wall.
• Overweight, obesity or pregnancy.
• Consuming cigarettes or alcohol.
• psychological factors: anger, stress, anxiety or tension.
• behavioral factors: irregular meals; immoderate meals; eating too much or too little.
• H. pylori infection.

Combined with the analysis of Chinese and Western medicine, gastric acid reflux is generally divided into the following types:

(1)Sensitive:When you encounter a certain type of food or emotion, the lower esophageal sphincter will release or stimulate gastric acid secretion, resulting in excessive gastric acid or gastric acid reflux on the esophagus, some people will return to normal after a period of time, When these people do gastroscopy, they may not be able to detect a problem at that moment. it is recommended to try a 24-hour esophageal pH test.

(2)Old age:Sphincter degeneration and relaxation, poor closure of lower esophageal sphincter, food stomach acid will enter the esophagus.

(3)Liver depression:Generally closely related to mental health

(4)Indigestion:Poor gastrointestinal emptying, causing food to stay in the stomach to produce gas, gas upwelling, with stomach acid pushed to the esophagus and even the throat.

(5)Bad diet:Like drinking, coffee, soda, smoking, eating fried chicken, French fries and other high-fat foods, overeating and irregular eating habits, will lead to cardiac sphincter relaxation or secretion of too much gastric acid, in addition, high-fat food, easy to stimulate bile secretion, when bile reflux, will also stimulate stomach secretion, resulting in gastric acid reflux, where most of the situation occurs in people who often eat high-fat food.

The above five conditions can be mixed, so to solve acid reflux, people need to avoid eating foods that stimulate stomach acid secretion, such as chocolate, roast meat and so on. Attention should also be paid to emotional health, balanced diet and timing, proper exercise and so on in order to have a successful cure.

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