Harmful effect of gastric acid reflux

If the aforementioned symptoms have existed for a long time and have not been cured after repeated treatments, this may be related to gastric acid reflux.

Gastric acid reflux is often mistaken for a heart problem. After serious ofcardiac examination, the symptoms are found to only be caused by gastric acid reflux.
Symptoms including sore throat, hoarse voice, chronic cough, and asthma can all also be caused by gastric acid reflux.

The degree of the disease is not directly proportional to the degree of esophageal damage.
Some patients have obvious gastric acid reflux symptoms, while the esophagus is slightly damaged.
On the contrary, some patients do not have obvious symptoms, but their esophagus is seriously ulcerated, and they are ultimately more likely to suffer from laryngeal carcinoma and esophageal cancer.
Therefore, we should pay more attention to the occurrence of such symptoms and seek treatment as soon as possible.

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